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Welcome to Clonewolf

Welcome to Clonewolf

Clonewolf is here!

Clonewolf, a brand new plagiarism checker, has launched! Our exciting new service uses the very latest technology and search algorithms to check more internet sources than ever before. After months of trialling, we are proud to offer our full featured online scanner to give you unparalleled confidence in avoiding unintentional plagiarism.

Why should I check for plagiarism?

In more recent years, Learning Institutions have recognised the growing temptation for students of all academic departments and faculties to find and reuse material from the internet. Some companies try to capitalise on this vulnerablility and offer essays for students to purchase online. To combat this, most universities and academic institutions now use a corporate solution called Turnitin to check submitted work for plagiarism. So even if you aren’t checking your work before it is submitted, you can be sure your examiners will be!

I haven’t copied any work so I’m safe right?

Screenshot from the film: So You Want to Be a Pirate! (2012), with the caption "Well yes, but actually no".
Screenshot from the film: So You Want to Be a Pirate! (2012)

Many students are often accused of ‘unintentional’ plagiarism. This happens after work has been submitted and once it cannot be recalled. The consequences of plagiarism often result in students losing marks or grades, and in the worst cases, failing a course. The main causes for ‘unintentional plagiarism’ are often easy to correct once identified. They could be from mistakes such as forgetting to cite references or perhaps just doing this incorrectly. Sometimes phrases from researched work ‘stick in the mind’ and submitted work may be too similar to the original text. In some cases, it can be just bad luck that someone else may have already published similar wording to your chosen field of study, unbeknownst to you.

Can I afford to check my work for plagiarism before it is submitted?

Until now, most plagiarism scanners require expensive monthly subscriptions and give you little confidence with often poor results. Some scanning sites are just fronts to steal your essays to sell on to other students under different company names! The arrival of Clonewolf changes everything and means that anyone can afford high quality, no-nonsense plagiarism checking. We offer pay-as-you-go scans at just £2 for every 5000 words. With every scan, you get all of the amazing features that we have to offer, with no ‘hidden extras’ or upgrades. Our searches take an average of less than a minute to complete giving you full results without a headache.

What exactly does Clonewolf offer?

Clonewolf is different from all of the other plagiarism checkers on the market because it gives you so much more for your money. You can be confident in our cloned content score which is calculated from our latest technology search algorithms. Our pattern matching technique means that we can detect copied content even with minor word and grammar changes. Your search results are available in your account to view at any time with options to highlight the text found on each verified website source. Share the link to your results with your tutor via email – a feature that is unique to Clonewolf. Your full results are also available to download or to email as a detailed pdf report. We are also very proud of our customer service team and should you have any queries we are at hand to help you. We make every effort to respond to messages the very same day. Why not try us out today?

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